Umpires Policy

Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association Inc commits to providing opportunities for all interested players and officials to represent BWHA at Regional and State Championships. BWHA understands its unique place in this area and its responsibility to ensure a nurturing environment for all members. We will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, and strive to achieve best practice in all areas and to provide equitable opportunities for all.

Below is the Representative Team Umpire Policy:



BWHA Selection Process:

          1.1     Nominations are to be submitted on the nomination form and by the due date.

          1.2     A list of nominations for each tournament will be collated by the BWHA Office and sent to following for appointment:

                    U11; U13; U15 to the Junior Committee

                    U18; Open; Masters to the Umpire and Technical Committee

          1.3    The appointed umpires are to be advised to the BWHA Office so newsletters and information can be forwarded to them.

          1.4    In the event that insufficient or incorrectly qualified nominations are received for any tournament, the Junior Committee and the UTC will source additional nominations

          1.5    Where insufficient nominations have been found prior to a Southern Cross tournament the Junior Committee (U11, U13, U15) or the UTC (U18, Open, Masters) will make direct contact with suitable umpires to fill the BWHA requirements.

          1.6    Nominees are to be selected based on their ability to gain the next level of badging or development.

BWHA Expectations:

          2.1    The umpire’s first responsibility is to the BWHA Rep Team.

          2.2    The umpire is expected to conduct themselves inline with the BWHA code of conduct, and at all times uphold the good name of the Association.

          2.3    Should an umpire act in a derogatory manner whilst a member of a representative team, a report shall be submitted by the Team Manager to BWHA, and the umpire will be required to attend a BWHA judiciary hearing.

          2.4    The umpire is expected to participate in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

          2.5    Umpires under the age of 18 are under no circumstances allowed any alcohol, or smoking of tobacco and must comply with the Team Manager's curfew time.

          2.6    Umpires over the age of 18 are expected to adhere to curfew times and monitor their intake of alcohol and smoking.

          2.7    BWHA has adopted and supports the Hockey Queensland Anti-Doping Policy.

          2.8    The use of recreational drugs or use of prohibited methods pursuant to Anti Doping laws for ingestion of legal substances is not allowed under any circumstances.

          2.9    All umpires are responsible for their own personal needs (washing of uniforms, etc), whilst on tour.

HQ Expectations:

          3.1    Approach the assessment process with a positive attitude

          3.2    Know your current badge level

          3.3    Ask questions of the assessors and make notes of the feedback provided. Use the feedback provided to develop your performance as an umpire.

          3.4    Be prepared and enthusiastic for each allocation

The Umpire shall:                                                                                          

          4.1    Be available for all training sessions, trials and Southern Cross. If unavailable you must contact your Team Manager immediately. If more than one training session is missed, the Team Manager will notify BWHA.

          4.2    Wear the designated uniform for travelling and transfers, as directed by the Team Manager.

          4.3    Liaise with the Team Manager to ensure you have transport to and from the venue.

          4.4    Wear the designated uniform for games, as directed by the HQ Rules, including black skirt, knee length black socks, yellow (or designated) HQ umpiring shirt.

          4.5    Once advised of assembly details, adhere to the directions of the Team Manager and/or the association.

          4.6    Be accommodated and travel with the contingent as advised. Application to travel separately from the team must accompany the nomination form and to be approved by BWHA Management as per the Rules.

          4.7    Accept the authority of the Team Manager whilst on tour.

          4.8    Be in attendance at all official meetings and functions as directed by the Team Manager.

          4.9    Direct any grievances to the Team Manager.

          4.10  Complete the Umpire Agreement, Indemnity Form and Uniform Order Form for return to the Team Manager or the BWHA Office by the due date.

          4.11  Should an injury occur prior to any event, undertake a fitness test at least fourteen (14) days prior to departure or last training session. Notify the Team Manager and refer to the policy for Fitness Testing for injured/sick players/umpires. Advise BWHA immediately in writing accompanied by a medical certificate.

Prior to the Championship

          5.1     Obtain a copy of the current Rule Book (buy one or download it from – follow the link via Rules etc)

          5.2     Obtain a copy of the AHL Briefing Paper (provided at BWHA rules briefings each year)

          5.3     Read both of the above

          5.4     Buy a Fox 40 or Fox 40 mini whistle (pea-less) and a spare (Fox 40’s are available at Just Hockey - SHC & at Downey Park)

          5.5     Obtain a set of warning cards – green / yellow / red

          5.6     Watch more experienced umpires to see their positioning / interpretations etc

          5.7     Try to do as much umpiring as possible to develop your knowledge and confidence

At the Championship

          6.1     Attend the pre-tournament meeting, noting any information or interpretations

          6.2     Check regularly the draw with umpire and technical allocations, you may be required to be a reserve umpire.

          6.3     Understand what is required of you as a reserve umpire:

you will sometimes have to be the technical official ie fill out the match report sheet(s) / ensure substitutions are done correctly (including on penalty corners) etc
you also need to watch the match so that, if you are required, you can step in and take over from another umpire

          6.4     Note all your allocations and arrive prepared and ready to each game at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of the game.

          6.5     Warm-up and down, keep nourished and hydrated during the tournament

          6.6     Re-read the Rules Book and AHL Briefing

          6.7     Clarify feedback received etc and ask questions (if necessary) of the assessors

          6.8     Watch more experienced umpires to see their signally, positioning, interpretations etc

          6.9     Approach the assessment process as an opportunity to get feedback from International and Australian umpires and to develop your umpiring skills, this is invaluable in your development

         6.10   Enjoy yourself!!

Transport at Venue                                                                                       

         Hire Car or Mini-Bus - Representative Umpires may be required to:

  • If over 25 years, to drive a hire vehicle
  • Sign for a hire vehicle
  • Organise transport to and from the field each day

 Will ensure all people travelling in vehicles are in a seat belt at all times.

 Make sure hire vehicles are acceptable and liaise daily with team so all players and umpires can get to and from fields. This may mean multiple trips.

 Check that the required personnel are in the vehicle before it departs.